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Ideatopos 2015, Athens on October 29- 31, 2015

Dear All,

Due to recent political and economic developments in Greece, we will have to postpone the organization of IDEATOPOS 2015.

We would like to ask for your understanding and we will keep you updated as soon as we have more information about the organization of the event.

UnConferenceIDEATOPOS 2015

What does democracy look like in today’s generation when innovative citizens and progressive policy-makers collaborate with common objectives?

If you want to find out, then come to Athens, Greece on October  29 to October 31, 2015 for the IDEATOPOS un-conference on Social & Technological Innovation in Democracy, where hundreds of international policy-makers, academics, citizens, tech-geeks, entrepreneurs and activists will descend to the inspirational birthplace and modern test-ground of contemporary democracy to present, discuss and showcase the best innovations in democracy globally.

IDEATOPOS  will be hosted in one of the prime conference venues in Athens, in the refurbished and funky, first electricity-factory of the city, Technopolis, in the bustling Gazi neighborhood, with collaboration with the Municipality of Athens, 2014 winner of Bloomberg Mayor’s Challenge competition.

The IDEATOPOS unconference’s objective is to:

  • Advance open, participatory, collaborative, state-of-the-art governing practices
  • Facilitate networking and cross-sector synergies, between civic, academic and state organizations and individuals, which are currently impeded by institutional barriers.
  • Create awareness and inspiration for best-practices and innovations in democracy globally
  • Catalyze new projects, experiments and initiatives, internationally, in Europe and within Greece, between tech-entrepreneurs, policy-makers, citizens and activists
  • Create a “democracy innovation nexus” in Athens, through the annual Idea-Toposun-conference and year-round research with international academics, tech entrepreneurs and progressive policy-makers

At IDEATOPOS 2015 we will confront, discuss and create solutions to today’s democratic challenges.  Besides the latest research and technology applications, we will challenge our participants and ourselves to create new processes from the individual to the institutional and birth new communities from the local to the global.  Join us!


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Our host is Technopolis, a 100.000 sq.m venue located at the old gas factory of Athens in Gazi area, next to the historical centre. It constitutes one of the most interesting industrial sights of Europe and it used to host a true independent community featuring a foundry, machineries, a garage, a restaurant, a barber shop, a community clinic, and other elements of a well-organized local economy. Technopolis was fully renovated by the City of Athens in 1999 and today it is used as an industrial park and cultural centre. It offers flexible and multi conference spaces that facilitate participation and collaboration and at the same time, direct connections to Athens’ cultural and historical sights.

Our meeting point is Athens, the place that hosted the birth to Democracy and developed a language in which some concepts remain interconnected for centuries:

City . Citizen . Politics . Culture . State [Πόλη . Πολίτης . Πολιτική . Πολιτισμός . Πολιτεία]

Lying on the verge between chaos and rebirth, Athens offers citizens of the world a unique stimulating context for meaningful conversations on the present and future of Democracy.